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Jim Marshall Auditorium

An Evening with Del Bromham & Stray


STRAY – ‘The tour that never ends’.

Most bands measure their success in album sales but Stray can measure theirs in miles. From Acton to Arkansas, Tokyo to Tavistock. Del Bromham has led his band across the world playing to enthusiastic rock fans since their debut album was released in 1970.

Their fans include no less than Jimmy Page, Joe Elliott through to Captain Sensible. But perhaps they had the greatest influence on Britain's biggest rock band, Iron Maiden. Not only did they cover the seminal All In Your Mind, but invited them to tour Europe as their special guests.

From their self-titled LP through to their brand new album Stray’s music has developed and yet remains ageless as only classic rock can. Del has also forged a solo career. His latest album White Feather has won critical acclaim and is a stunning piece of song writing and musicianship.

So as we approach another year Del together with Pete Dyer, Karl Randall, Colin Kempster and Simon Rinaldo continue to bring their trademark live shows to new audiences around the world and will be performing songs from their vast back catalogue.

You can read more about Del in his new autobiography or check out the website on

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