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Byron Wallen's GAYAN Gamelan Ensemble
Jim Marshall Auditorium

Byron Wallen's GAYAN Gamelan Ensemble - In A Silent Way

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GAYAN is one of Byron Wallen's projects which marries traditions – it focuses on Indonesia and East Africa and fuses them with the urban sounds of modern dance music and contemporary classical traditions.

“I first heard the word Gayan through the Sufi master teacher and musician Hazrat Inayat Khan. "Gayan - The Song of Divinity" was the first of his wonderful books I read. This word of Sanskrit origin can be loosely translated as "the air is singing". The word Gamelan derives from the Javanese word gamel which refers to the act of striking with a type of mallet. This word also derives from the Javanese word also of Sanskrit origin rawit which relates to the sense of smoothness and elegance idealized in Javanese Gamelan music. "Gayan Gamelan Ensemble" was named to evoke the beauty of the dancing , singing heart negotiating the peaks and troughs of life. In Inayat's words “God breaks the heart again and again and again until it stays open!”

Reflections on Miles Davis - 'In a Silent Way'

“In a Silent Way was released on July 30, 1969, just over a week after my birth on Columbia Records. The album has always been part of my DNA. The shimmering fender rhodes and glistening guitar evoked the mysterious beauty of the Gamelan I was yet to hear. In this time of global turmoil, the music is Sonic healing, deeply meditative and fiercely optimistic.” Byron Wallen

Line up
Byron Wallen, trumpet
Rob Luft, guitar
Chris Jerome, keyboards
Rod Young, drums
GAYAN Gamelan Ensemble

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