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Ebony Buckle
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Ebony Buckle

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"Buckle is incomparable to any other artist, with her originality shining like the North Star."

Atwood Magazine

Ebony Buckle is an Australian singer-songwriter based in London. She writes and performs with her husband and producer Nick Burns. In 2021 Ebony released her debut album Disco Lasers: a collection of audio-visual stories celebrating the wonders of our universe and how we as human beings make sense of our existence through folklore legends, science and our imagination.

From alien invasion and mythical creatures to lonely whales and immortal soldiers, her music takes listeners on a journey to places they’ve never been before. Ebony's truly unique songwriting and ability to transport you to other dimensions is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. She isn’t just a musician, she is a storyteller.

To celebrate one year since the release of Disco Lasers, Ebony, Nick and the band will be performing at The Stables for a night that is not to be missed. 

Over the last year Buckle has been building a community of poetry and music lovers around her music, using the platform Patreon. Her patrons have given Buckle the complete freedom to create and share with us a body of work that is entirely independent. For those who are curious to have a sneak peak into Buckle’s world, we recommend her newsletter ‘letters from a strange planet’, which is sent out monthly and is filled with stories and news about the world she is creating.

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