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The Developers Are Back!

Friday 2 August 2019

Planning Development Update: 2/8/19

We are pleased that last night Milton Keynes Council’s Development Control Committee decided that planning permission for new housing on our western boundary would be subject to a deed of easement, despite the site being carved up.  

Councillors on the committee talked about the value of The Stables to Milton Keynes and their desire to protect us into the future.  The chair stated that the public attendance was unprecedented with over 200 supporters squeezing into the public gallery in a statement of solidarity.  Support was also demonstrated through 875 letters of objection and a petition of more than 22,000 signatures.   

Members of the committee agreed that there remained a risk that residents would be subject to noise from the music venue or its site and insisted that the conditions be imposed on the new application.  

Thank you for all of your support.

Planning Development Update: 19/07/19

The new and revised planning application for housing to be built on our western boundary will now be considered by Milton Keynes Council's Development Control Committee on Thursday 1 August. The meeting starts at 7pm at the Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ - if you are able to attend it really does help us to have your support in the room. 


We have today seen for the first time the officer’s recommendations in relation to the new Reserved Matters Planning Application  19/01357/REM, which was submitted by Abbey Homes subsequent to the planning approval in April which was granted with a range of noise mitigating conditions including a Deed of Easement for the whole site in perpetuity.

The full report has been uploaded for further information


The report acknowledges that the applicant has provided no information in relation to noise and the impact of The Stables on future residents.

The report acknowledges 875 letters of objection and the petition of 21,000 signatures submitted in opposition to the application.  It summarises these objections as:

Concern that building houses in this location will cause complaints from future occupants, which will lead to the closure of The Stables; and

Concern that this application contains no supporting information regarding noise and proposes no suitable noise mitigation, including a deed of easement.

However, the report fails to acknowledge or deal with the technical noise report submitted by The Stables (at our cost) which alerts the decision makers to the likely impact of noise on future residents.

The report has no comments from MK Council’s Environmental Health Officer ‘given the lack of information regarding noise’

MK Council’s Cultural Strategy is not referenced, nor are there any comments from the Culture Team. 

The report does not list The Stables as a Main Issue.

The report details the planning guidance in relation to Noise in paragraphs 7.25 to 7.32.  It states that:

 “The applicant has provided no noise assessment in support of this application and suggested no noise mitigation measures to address these concerns.  It is therefore not clear what noise impact there would be on future residents of these 79 houses, given that there would only be an open field between them and The Stables building.  However, it is clear that if this application were to be permitted and built as submitted, without the eastern half of the site coming forward, there would be none of the noise mitigation that had been previously secured for the site, with just an open field between The Stables and the closest future occupants.  In contrast the houses within Wavendon to the south of The Stables and the permitted houses to the north have trees (17/03283) and mature hedgerow forming some separation between them and The Stables.”

The report goes on to say “given that this proposal could come forward without the eastern half of the site, it is considered appropriate to reapply conditions to require the physical noise mitigation measures on the eastern boundary, on land within the applicant’s control to secure some acoustic mitigation and avoid the completely open field between the houses and The Stables.  The previously approved landform/earthworks and acoustic fence on the eastern boundary will therefore be secured by condition.

The report goes on to say that the previous mitigation including the buffer zone and glazing is not appropriate and that “It is considered inappropriate to reapply this condition as part of this application because there are at least 70 other existing or proposed houses that are closer to The Stables which are not subject to this requirement.  The noise mitigation secured above, and distance between The Stables and these proposed dwellings are sufficient to not require any further noise mitigation.”

The report goes on to recommend approval.


This application is clearly a deliberate attempt by the developers to circumvent the previously imposed noise conditions including the deed of easement.

There is no evidence presented by the developer or Milton Keynes Council that proves there is no risk to noise impact from The Stables operations on the new residents.  In fact, the report does not even acknowledge the technical report submitted by The Stables that demonstrates there is a risk.

The assertion that 70 or so existing and planned homes will be closer to The Stables than those under consideration is no justification for omitting the deed of easement. It is important to note that distance is not the sole factor in our concerns over potential noise complaints. The ‘Agent of Change Principle’ has only featured in National Planning Policy since 2019, so the emphasis in planning decisions on protecting music venues, which the new area of deeds of easements support, was not in the planning arena when the previous applications were granted.

A deed of easement reduces the likelihood of private legal action by residents.  It is a positive way of informing all future residents that there is a music venue close by reducing the risk of future private noise complaints.  Allowing half of the Abbey Homes site to exist without a deed of easement increases risk.

Furthermore, nothing has changed since the Local Planning Authority made the decision to impose the deed of easement condition on the whole site in perpetuity because any risk was a risk too far.  Nothing has changed since April – that decision was made in full awareness of the 70 or so existing houses / other planned development. 

In short, if there is a risk and an opportunity to mitigate that risk, why ignore it?  The future of one of the UK’s best loved music venues and local community assets is at stake.

We trust that members of the Development Control Committee will understand this and will ensure that the deed of easement condition is imposed on this application, despite the recommendation of its Officers to the contrary. 


If you are able to attend the meeting on 1 August at 7pm at the Civic Offices, 1 Saxon Gate, Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ it really does help us to have your support in the room.  Click here for information on the committee and the agenda 

In the meantime, please do sign the online petition by following the link at the top of this page if you have not already done so.  You can still send comments or objections to Milton Keynes Council at the above offices for consideration by the Development Control Committee until Wednesday 31 July.

Planning Development Update: 27/06/19

Further to our last post about the planning application 19/01357/REM we wanted to say a huge ‘thank you’ to everyone who has so far written letters to Milton Keynes Council and signed the petition.

Today we submitted to the planning department  a copy of the petition with 20,977 signatories gathered online and on paper in the venue.

In addition, we have submitted letters alongside a letter from our solicitor that you can read here:

Letter of objection from The Stables

Letter of objection from our solicitor

The petition will remain active until the outcome of the application is resolved and we urge you to sign and share this if you would like your voice to be heard.

We really do value your support and trust that our collective voices will help secure the future of The Stables.

Jim Rice, Chair of Trustees

Monica Ferguson, Chief Executive & Artistic Director

Planning Development Update: 06/06/19


Our last update reported that Milton Keynes Council had approved planning permission for Abbey Homes to develop up to 134 homes on the site West of the Stables, providing a deed of easement was entered into that enabled The Stables to continue to make noise.  The deed would provide a way of informing all new residents of the presence of the venue and prevent any residents bringing a private prosecution for damages or to stop The Stables operation. This was an excellent outcome and all of us were very grateful for the Council's foresight, ensuring the protection of The Stables.

Recent Events

We are saddened to report that since then, the developers have not taken up our invitation to discuss the details of the deed of easement with our solicitor. Instead they have submitted a new Reserved Matters application for 79  houses due to built on the western half of the development site. 

Milton Keynes Council have notified us they have no intention of writing to the 3000 plus complainants who supported our previous campaign and won the right for the application to be determined at Development Control Committee. 

After consulting with our solicitors and noise consultants, we have concluded that this latest application puts The Stables at even greater risk than previously.

Why this is a new and greater risk

The new Reserved Matters Application no 19/01357/REM makes no reference to the existence of The Stables nor the previous pre-commencement condition for a deed of easement.  The plans show nothing to suggest that any protection will be afforded to The Stables of any sort as there is no detail shown with regard to boundary treatments to prevent noise travelling through the site nor any noise monitoring assessment in relation to this part of the site.  It's as if the developers have ignored the need to protect The Stables and everything that the Council asked of them under the previous Reserved Matters approval.

If this Reserved Matters application were to be approved as it stands, the previous Reserved Matters approval with conditions relating to acoustic fencing, glazing treatments and the deed of easement falls away.  Instead, it would be replaced by this new Reserved Matters, without any protection for The Stables. This is of grave concern and we are therefore asking Milton Keynes Council to reject this application which appears to be nothing more than an attempt to undermine the decisions of the planning authority to protect The Stables.

How you can help

It is vitally important therefore that you send in comments on the proposed Reserved Matters application as a matter of great urgency.  All comments must be submitted to the Council by Thursday 27 June. Without your support there is every likelihood that this application may be rubber-stamped by officers instead of going through the proper scrutiny of elected councillors at the Development Control Committee.

Online comments: the Council recommends any comments are submitted by using the on-line ‘public access’ system via this link  This ensures comments are received and published as soon as possible. If you haven't used the system before, you will need to register first. The quickest way to find the relevant application is to enter 19/01357/REM at the bottom of the Simple Search form.

By post: you can also submit comments in writing to Elizabeth Verdegem, Senior Planning Officer, Planning Service, Growth Economy and Culture, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ. There's a suggested objection letter below but feel free to compose your own - this will actually carry more weight! Ensure you include the case ref number: APPLICATION 19/01357/REM at the top of your letter along with your name and address as any letters received without these will not be considered. No signature is required. 

Please note Elizabeth has requested no emails to be sent as this takes up valuable officer time. If you wish to ask further questions of the planning team you can call them on 01908 691691, although your written comments, however they are submitted, are required to be taken into consideration by the Council.

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