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The Developers Are Back!

Thursday 6 June 2019

Planning Development Update: 06/06/19


Our last update reported that Milton Keynes Council had approved planning permission for Abbey Homes to develop up to 134 homes on the site West of the Stables, providing a deed of easement was entered into that enabled The Stables to continue to make noise.  The deed would provide a way of informing all new residents of the presence of the venue and prevent any residents bringing a private prosecution for damages or to stop The Stables operation. This was an excellent outcome and all of us were very grateful for the Council's foresight, ensuring the protection of The Stables.

Recent Events

We are saddened to report that since then, the developers have not taken up our invitation to discuss the details of the deed of easement with our solicitor. Instead they have submitted a new Reserved Matters application for 79  houses due to built on the western half of the development site. 

Milton Keynes Council have notified us they have no intention of writing to the 3000 plus complainants who supported our previous campaign and won the right for the application to be determined at Development Control Committee. 

After consulting with our solicitors and noise consultants, we have concluded that this latest application puts The Stables at even greater risk than previously.

Why this is a new and greater risk

The new Reserved Matters Application no 19/01357/REM makes no reference to the existence of The Stables nor the previous pre-commencement condition for a deed of easement.  The plans show nothing to suggest that any protection will be afforded to The Stables of any sort as there is no detail shown with regard to boundary treatments to prevent noise travelling through the site nor any noise monitoring assessment in relation to this part of the site.  It's as if the developers have ignored the need to protect The Stables and everything that the Council asked of them under the previous Reserved Matters approval.

If this Reserved Matters application were to be approved as it stands, the previous Reserved Matters approval with conditions relating to acoustic fencing, glazing treatments and the deed of easement falls away.  Instead, it would be replaced by this new Reserved Matters, without any protection for The Stables. This is of grave concern and we are therefore asking Milton Keynes Council to reject this application which appears to be nothing more than an attempt to undermine the decisions of the planning authority to protect The Stables.

How you can help

It is vitally important therefore that you send in comments on the proposed Reserved Matters application as a matter of great urgency.  All comments must be submitted to the Council by Wednesday 19 June. Without your support there is every likelihood that this application may be rubber-stamped by officers instead of going through the proper scrutiny of elected councillors at the Development Control Committee.

Online comments: the Council recommends any comments are submitted by using the on-line ‘public access’ system via this link  This ensures comments are received and published as soon as possible. If you haven't used the system before, you will need to register first. The quickest way to find the relevant application is to enter 19/01357/REM at the bottom of the Simple Search form.

By post: you can also submit comments in writing to Elizabeth Verdegem, Senior Planning Officer, Planning Service, Growth Economy and Culture, 1 Saxon Gate East, Central Milton Keynes, MK9 3EJ. There's a suggested objection letter below but feel free to compose your own - this will actually carry more weight! Ensure you include the case ref number: APPLICATION 19/01357/REM at the top of your letter along with your name and address as any letters received without these will not be considered. No signature is required. 

Please note Elizabeth has requested no emails to be sent as this takes up valuable officer time. If you wish to ask further questions of the planning team you can call them on 01908 691691, although your written comments, however they are submitted, are required to be taken into consideration by the Council.

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