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The Stables

Blues Guitar Beginners Part 1

  • - 3:00pm
  • £35
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In recent weeks we have re-started a number of our workshops and courses on a limited basis. It's great to be back in the venue making music again and we've had a very positive response from workshop participants. Please follow this link to read about the planning that has taken place to ensure we can provide a safe environment for all our customers, staff and artists.

In this practical workshop, blues musician Joff Watkins introduces the blues, demystifies V-IVIs, turnarounds, shuffles and basic basslines and introduces fundamental techniques such as finger picking, hammer-ons and pull-offs, using examples from classic blues recordings.

You will need to be comfortable with the chords of E, A and B7 and be able to change confidently between them. It will also be helpful if you know what a scale is but not essential as the blues scale will be introduced in a very practical way.