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The Stables

Conga Workshop: Beginners Part 2

  • - 5:00pm
  • Workshop fee: £23
  • Adult/15+
To book call: 01908 280800

2.30pm - 5pm

The aim of this workshop is to enrich your knowledge of conga drumming, become aware of the interplay between several congas  and train physical stamina on the instruments. You’ll look at a range of Cuban and Brazilian rhythms with two-drum conga patterns for  one player.

We’ll continue developing work on all conga sounds (including open slaps and muffled tones) and look at more complex exercises  including palm/finger movements & rudiments. The workshop is suitable for anyone who has done Conga Part 1 or has some  experience of conga drumming.

Contact if you would like to enquire if the course is suitable for your level of experience.

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