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Get Started with DADGAD

  • This event has now passed

This workshop will explore DADGAD guitar tuning and its application for backing traditional folk tunes and songs. DADGAD is a widely used open tuning and a feature of traditional English, Scottish and Irish music. This workshop is designed for intermediate guitar players who already  play in ‘standard’ tuning but would like to explore a new sound. We will first look at some basic chord shapes and learn how to back a tune. 

Along the way we will learn some basic music theory and how it applies to traditional music, and some tricks of the trade to make your backing more exciting. Players need to be reasonably confident playing chords and chord changes in standard tuning, accompanying songs or dance tunes with different strumming patterns, but no previous experience of DADGAD tuning is needed. 

If you are not sure that your playing experience is suitable contact for further advice before booking. You’ll need to bring an acoustic guitar, a capo and clip-on guitar tuner.

Tea & coffee is provided.
Participants on a full day workshop or course should bring a packed lunch and other snacks.

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