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Stage 2

Guitar for Absolute Beginners

  • This event has now passed

Have you ever wanted to have a go on the guitar but weren’t sure where to start? Or maybe you’d like to buy one but not sure what to look for?

This workshop aims to provide absolute beginners with plenty of information and advice, including how to start playing and practicing, as well as advice on buying a guitar and avoiding costly mistakes.

You’ll learn about the different parts of the guitar, tuning, ‘open’ chords, understanding ‘tab’, using a capo, and how to strum to simple songs, as well as useful nonplaying exercises to help develop your playing technique.

We’ll look at look at typical beginners’ problems, and de-mystify some of the musical terms you might come across. If you have a guitar, please bring it along. Some guitars will be available for you to try on the day.

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