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Guitar for Improvers

  • Adult/15+ Workshop
To book call: 01908 280800


This follow-up workshop to our Guitar for Absolute Beginners is also suitable for beginners who may have been playing for a while but would like some extra help in moving on.

This workshop concentrates on how to use chords and scales to play songs. It covers strumming and finger-picking techniques. You’ll learn about open, closed and bar chords and approaches on playing “movable” shapes, chord types (focusing on major, minor and seven(th) chords). We’ll cover simple open scales and how to use them to play tunes and briefly look at more advanced closed scales.

We’ll also look at plectrums and types that suit you, as well as tab notation and how it relates to standard music notation, along with
its pros and its cons. You’ll also learn about how and why to use a Capo.
To take part in this workshop you should know how to tune your guitar, the names of the strings and be able to play most if not all of the following chords: G, C, D, D7, A, Am, G7, E, Em, B7.

You should also be familiar with the 12 chromatic notes and how to make up a major scale from them (the 2-2-1-2-2-2-1 or T-T-S-T-T-T-S rule).

Contact if you have any questions about your experience or suitability for this workshop. Please bring a guitar (acoustic preferred), guitar tuner and a capo.

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