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The Stables

How To Make Up Chord Sequences

  • Adult/15+
To book call: 01908 280800

10am - 4pm

This workshop is designed to de-mystify the process of making up the chords to a song. Suitable for guitarists, keyboard players and anyone else interested in the process, it will look at examples of popular songs in different styles, starting with simple chord sequences and progressing to more advanced ones, and looking at how more complex chordscan add colour and depth.

This fast-paced workshop covers basic principles that relative beginners will need to understand, but also more complex extended  chord sequences that more experienced players will find useful.

Full notes will be supplied to take away. You should have some understanding of scales and chords. If you are a guitarist, please bring  an acoustic guitar and capo. Some keyboards will be available (please advise at time of booking if needed).

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