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The Stables

Introduction to Stage Lighting

2 part course
  • This event has now passed

Sunday 10 November 10am-4pm
Sunday 24 November 10am-4pm

If you have an interest in the technical side of presenting concerts, theatre performances and events this 2 part course is a great way to learn about stage lighting, starting with basic lighting theory,  introducing the equipment, and understanding the technical terms and lighting design principles.

Working in The Stables, with a variety of lighting stage equipment, you will get practical experience in a professional environment and see how the lighting elements come together in putting on an event or show. Although you cannot learn an entire subject like stage lighting in a short course it’s still a great way for beginners to make a start.

This very practical 2 part course will offer will offer hands on learning including areas such a  rigging, focussing and operating, and is led by people with real practical experience in lighting design and operating. This course is especially suitable for those who already have an interest in lighting and have a little technical knowledge and experience, perhaps  gained through school, college or with amateur groups. 

Day 1
Introduction to the venue
Basic principles of lighting
Health & Safety Aspects
Intro to lighting equipment – Types and use of lanterns, Lighting Control Consoles
Basics of Lighting Design
Types of Rigging Equipment

Day 2
Operation of Lighting Consoles
Lighting Design and use of Colour and Effects
Lighting concerts vs lighting theatre and other events




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