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The Stables

Multi-Percussion with David "Hopi" Hopkins

  • - 4:00pm
  • £25
  • Adult/15 + workshop
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This workshop is for percussion players who want to explore different percussion instruments and rhythms and how to use them when playing with other musicians in for different acoustic, roots, folk, traditional and cross-cultural bands.

We will explore how to integrate diverse percussion instruments into rhythmic patterns from other traditions, using a range of hand percussion instruments (tambourine, claves, shakers, triangle, cowbell, etc) and hand drums (bongos, djembé, cajon, conga etc).

Players can bring their own selection of hand drums and other percussion instruments, and other instruments will also be available for you to experiment with and add to your range of sounds.

You’ll play together as a group, taking different roles on different instruments, exploring how to translate key features and rhythmic patterns across instruments and musical traditions.

David ‘Hopi’ Hopkins is a multi-percussionist who specialises in bringing together rhythms and instruments from around the world. With roots in Ireland he now performs extensively across Europe and leads workshops at  festivals in many different countries.

Catch David playing with the band hazeyjane on Saturday 6 November in Stage 2 - Click here for more information 

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