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The Stables

Summer Songwriting Workout (for ages 17-19)

Three sessions course
  • - 3:00pm
  • £60
  • For ages 17-19
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Course dates:
Monday 1 August
Tuesday 2 August 
Wednesday 3 August

Session times:

Have you started to write or perform your own songs, on your own or in a band, and want to take it to the next level? Do you want to grow your song-writing skills, collaborate with other songwriters, learn how to develop your lyrics and your ‘sound’?

This songwriting ‘workout’ is a chance to explore and learn in a practical way what you can do to get your ideas into song ’shape’, through activities looking at understanding song structure, how to develop melody, harmony, chord progression, hooks, analysing songs and learning from different styles of song.

You’ll explore techniques, tips, and exercises for developing lyrics, telling a ‘story’, and using rhyme, rhythm and melody to get those lyrics across. You’ll also look at some tricky songwriter questions like getting ‘unstuck’, when to move on from a song (or even come back to it) and how do you know when a song is ‘finished’.

The focus of the workout is on song creation, not specifically about developing your singing or playing skills, but any singing or playing experience you can bring will be useful. The workout will use a mix real instruments and music technology as a help to songwriting for capturing and developing your ideas and getting ready for next stage of recording and producing songs.

We don’t want any young people to miss out because of their family circumstances, so we offer bursaries to cover the course fees for those who might not be able to take part without support.

Find out more here or contact for more information.

Tea & coffee is provided.
Participants on a full day workshop or course should bring a packed lunch and other snacks.

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