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The Stables

Traditional Bodhran for intermediate players

  • This event has now passed


This workshop is for those players who already have some experience of the traditional or ‘Kerry’ style (the tipper being held in the middle and rolls executed with both ends) as opposed to the more recent ‘top end’ style. You’ll need to bring your own bodhran and have a basic degree of proficiency (stroke technique, triplets, knowledge of rudimentary dance rhythms – jigs, reels,hornpipes, etc.)

The workshop will explore using vocalisation to help understand and play rhythmic patterns, where to place the triplet, syncopation, alternative technique in jig accompaniment and the use of the non-playing hand on the bodhran skin (slapping, sliding, etc) as well as an introduction to uneven meter (5/8, 7/8, 9/8, etc.)

Tutor David ‘Hopi’ Hopkins is a multipercussionist who specialises in  bringing together rhythms and instruments from around the world.  With roots in Ireland he now performs extensively across Europe and leads workshops at festivals in many different countries.

Catch David playing with hazeyjane in Stage 2 on 14 July.

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