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Environmental policy

As an organisation we are committed to reducing the negative environmental impacts of our activities. We are committed to understanding, measuring, improving and communicating our environmental performance whilst engaging management, staff and all key stakeholders in this process.

Our key areas of focus for reducing our impacts are:

  • To set environmental objectives and targets which will be continually monitored and reviewed to achieve the best possible practice for years to come.
  • To motivate and enthuse employees and audiences to actively involve themselves in the policy to promote environmental awareness and good practise.
  • To enhance our waste minimisation programme by increasing the volume of items recycled and wherever possible purchasing environmentally friendly and sustainable products.

One of our key objectives has been to accurately capture and measure our energy consumption (electric, gas and water), with the aim of reducing usage. An early focus has been to install energy efficient lighting systems, both front of house and stage lighting. This initiative has already paid dividends as this year to date we have reduced our carbon emissions by 8,000kg CO2 compared to this time last year.