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The Stable believes it is important to support young people in their development as artists and in finding routes to working in the Creative Industries. We receive many requests for work experience, student placements and other support for students at all levels.

As a small organisation we are unable to meet all these requests, particularly those we receive for traditional work experience for school age pupils.

Also many requests are based on a misunderstanding of what we do – although we are called a theatre we are a music venue that presents mainly touring acts. We do not have the backstage, technical, production or performance activities of a mainstream theatre which are the things many young people want to get experience of. 

However we do aim to work in partnership with other learning providers to develop more effective work based learning projects such as apprenticeships, internships, specific career development workshops, projects for emerging artists and projects involving Arts Award.

We welcome approaches from organisations looking to develop partnerships that will deliver creative and career development opportunities to groups of young people. We post further news on these projects on our website as they develop, as well as publicising through our partners.