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A story that began at the legendary Marquee Club in London's Wardour Street finally arrives at the chapter PROG journalist Martin Kielty describes as "Solstice becoming the band they were always meant to be".

With the beguiling presence of vocalist Jess Holland, Solstice are THE band to catch live this year. A string of high profile festival appearances from Glastonbury to Milan, a career-topping show in front of 20,000 people at Cropredy Festival ending with a sold out night at the iconic Stables in Milton Keynes, confirms the band’s journey moves ever onwards.

The new album Light Up, released January 2023, continues the upward trajectory bringing their music to an ever growing audience. Loved by luminaries like Steven Wilson and Greg Spawton of Big Big Train, Solstice remain a band you!ll never find in the mainstream yet whose music continues to enthral music fans old and new. 

On live shows:
“Solstice - absolutely outstanding! This band are riding a wave of inspi-ration right now. The current line up is amazing with each of the eight onstage playing their part to the full. It has to be the happiest and most joyful band on the circuit!” TPA

And on the new album ‘Light Up’ out January 13th 2023:

"Nothing prepared me for the extraordinary new line-up that they have settled on in the last few years. Solstice are back and are back to being brilliant. Their forthcoming album, Light Up, is utterly sensational: beauti-ful production, great songs, great voices, tricky rhythms and epic guitar solos.” Greg Spawton, Big Big Train

‘Wow! - that's a great sounding album! Very Solstice, and a wonderfully dynamic vibe. Evokes the spirit of the band I first saw in the 80s, but with very much a ‘here and now’ production sound that brings with it the wisdom of those ensuing years. Jerry Ewing, Editor PROG magazine

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