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SuRie might be best known to you as the UK entry for the "fairly eventful" 2018 Eurovision Song Contest – in the understated way she puts it herself.

A small, but ever-growing loyal fanbase has since got to know her as the singer-songwriter she always was before, and continues to be, after the ESC.

Her music is crafted around stories from everyday life; seemingly insignificant moments that either lead to a nostalgic acceptance, or to vital change.

The piano plays a crucial part in SuRie’s narration. From simply accompanying her extraordinary voice to creating counterparts and characters in her stories; from gentle harmonising to evoking broad, almost orchestral support.

With one foot in classical music and the other tapping along to luminary songwriters, SuRie has always been inspired by the likes of Tori Amos, Joni Mitchell, Regina Spektor, Billy Joel, and Carole King.

Cover / Me does what it says: SuRie’s own music, taken from her previous studio recordings and the album “Building A Woman”, scheduled for release in May 2023, as well as covers of songs that inspire and still surprise her; reworked and re-interpreted in her own inimitable style.

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