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Welcome to Turn Up The Volume!

You've reached the home of Turn Up The Volume!,
The Stables' monthly podcast series. 

Each month we bring you lively conversations with upcoming Stables artists and bands, exclusive looks behind the scenes at one of the UK's favourite music venues along with news and updates on what's coming up.

June's podcast is a real bumper episode. Three artists, soon to be appearing at The Stables, talking about their music, their careers and their artistry.

Karine Polwart is a multi-award winning singer from Scotland. Proud of her local musical heritage, passionate about her community and her environment, her songs ask the questions she is seeking to answer about today and tomorrow. She is coming to The Stables with pianist Dave Milligan on Tuesday 18 June, in what promises to be a wonderful evening of songwriting craft.

Del Bromham has lots of stories to tell! Founder of Stray in 1966, he has always enjoyed huge critical acclaim, which has not always been matched by commercial success. But he has always stayed true to his roots, and grown a loyal following over the years. He will be joined for an evening at The Stables by Argent's John Verity on Sunday 16 June. This is a great interview, full of Del's trademark humanity and authenticity.

Another Stables favourite, The Slambovian Circus of Dreams, are coming back to the venue this month on Thursday 20 June. In another wonderfully engaging interview, Josiah and Tink take Nick through their unique journey, eschewing major record deals, while building a reputation as a superb live band. Quirky, engaging, honest and funny, this completes a trio of great listens in this month's episode.

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Happy Listening!  

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