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Welcome to Turn Up The Volume!

You've reached the home of Turn Up The Volume!,
The Stables' brand new series of monthly podcasts. 

Each month we bring you lively conversations with upcoming Stables artists and bands, exclusive looks behind the scenes at one of the UK's favourite music venues along with news and updates on what's coming up.

There are some absolutely wonderful stories in February's episode, as Nick speaks to legendary guitarist and songwriter Jim Cregan (Thursday 15 February). He worked with his best friend, Rod Stewart, for decades, and his extended interview is filled with personal stories about Rod, Etta James, Willie Nelson, Queen and Bruce Springsteen. It's an absolute joy to listen to.

And in an episode which shows the incredible diversity of The Stables, Nick talks magic with social media sensation, Pete Firman (Saturday 24 February), and catches up with Vikki Gavin, lead singer of Stables favourites, Fred's House (Saturday 2 March), who are back at the venue with a headline gig.

Please do check out previous episodes too, an ever growing list of amazing artists chatting to Nick for this series. Let your friends know about the podcast, and if you have a spare moment, please leave a review or a rating - it really helps get the podcast out to as many people as possible and help the work of The Stables.

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However you choose to listen (or read), we hope you enjoy Turn Up The Volume!. And if you do, please follow the podcast so that you are notified automatically when a new episode arrives - the next one is scheduled for the beginning of March.

Happy Listening!  

Turn Up The Volume! is produced for The Stables by Boutique Broadcast.