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Ukulele Part 3: Jazz Up Your Ukulele

  • - 3:00pm
  • £36
  • Adult/15+ Workshop
Sold Out

We’re currently in the ‘third wave’ of the ukulele, but the last time just about everyone had one was in the 1920s and 1930s – the ‘Jazz Age’. In this course we’ll go from basic three- and four- chord pop songs and start to explore ‘Jazz Age’ style of playing, with the emphasis on making it swing and having fun. We’ll look at fancy sounding jazz chords, ways of linking chords together, some classic intros and endings, and turn our strumming into something you can dance to. 

Ideally you will have completed the beginners parts 1 and 2 courses, be able to play a couple of common barre chords and have played some simple tablature.

Tea & coffee is provided.
Participants on a full day workshop or course should bring a packed lunch and other snacks.

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