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Jim Marshall Auditorium
The Stables

Heritage Open Day Tours

Tours are free, but must be booked in advance, limited numbers.
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You’ve sat in the Jim Marshall Auditorium… you’ve enjoyed the music ... the ambience… the acoustics…

But have you ever wondered how The Stables works as a building? What it’s like walking on the trampoline at the top of the main auditorium? How does fresh air reach you and the essential communications reach the control desk? And what’s The Stables experience like for our visiting artists?

Led by architect Peter Hall, who will explain how The Stables was conceived, these Heritage Open Day tours will give you a unique opportunity to visit backstage areas and gain a better understanding of why The Stables is widely regarded as one of the UK’s finest music venues.

Dates & Times

Sunday 15 September10:00am
Sold Out
Sunday 15 September11:00am
Sold Out
Sunday 15 September12:00pm
Sold Out

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