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Jim Marshall Auditorium

Introduction to Music Recording & Production Part 1

  • - 4:00pm
  • Adult/15+ Workshop
Sold Out

This workshop offers an introduction to recording and production using music technology, looking at microphone and production techniques and recording different instruments. The workshop uses MAC computer and Logic Software in ways that apply generally across Digital Audio Workstations software including Ableton, Cubase and Sonar. 

We’ll focus on recording and production rather than just creating within the software and you’ll be able to take away audio files of tracks produced to the skills you’ve learned. If you play an instrument, bring it along for the afternoon recording session to learn how best to record it.

(Our Part 2 follow-on workshop on Saturday 26 October looks in more detail into studio-based recording and production.)

Tea & coffee is provided.
Participants on a full day workshop or course should bring a packed lunch and other snacks.

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