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Singing Lead Vocals and Microphone Technique May 2022

  • This event has now passed

For singers who want to explore some of the technical, artistic and practical aspects of singing with a microphone. Perhaps you already sing in a choir, or play in a band, and want to try solo or lead vocals? You’ll look at equipment essentials, microphone technique and which mic to use, understanding monitoring, fold back and live mixing to get the best out of your sound, how to approach different styles of music such as rock, pop or jazz and how to tackle the challenges of fronting a band, whatever the size. 

You’ll also look at how ‘phrasing’ can help with the challenges of some songs and have a go at singing with backing tracks and stripped-down guitar accompaniment.  Participants will be sent a short list of songs to listen to and get familiar with before the workshop. 

Please note his workshop is not a ‘singing lesson’ as such and won’t be about general singing technique, and you’ll need enough singing experience to know you want to have a go at singing solo.

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