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The Stables

Jazz Experience for Beginners

Six session course: October-November 2021
  • - 12:00pm
  • £92
  • Adult/15+ Course
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Course dates:
Sunday 10 October
Sunday 17 October
Sunday 24 October
Sunday 31 October
Sunday 7 November
Sunday 14 November

Session times:

End of course performance:
Sunday 14 November, 2pm

For instrumental players new to jazz, this six-session course will help introduce you the language and repertoire of jazz. With the help of expert tutors you’ll work through activities and play in both small and large groups, all designed to help you begin to understand the roots of jazz and how to begin playing it.

You’ll also work towards learning a selection of well-known jazz tunes from memory, in preparation for an informal  performance on the final afternoon.

The course is open to players of piano, guitar, bass, drum kit, brass, reed or woodwind, but numbers of rhythm section instruments (bass, drums, guitar, piano) are limited in order to balance the bands.

You’ll be directed to some listening examples before the course and will need to be familiar with the following scales and chords

Concert pitch instruments: Bb, C, G "Blues" scales; C, Eb, F major scales

Bb instruments: D, C, A "Blues" scales;  D, F, G  major scales

Eb instruments: A,G, E "Blues" scales; A, C, D major scales

Chords (rhythm section): Major7: Eb, Ab; Min7: Cm7, Fm7, Gm7, Am7; G7, C7, F7, Bb7, Eb7, Ab7, D7

Ideal for those that have not played any jazz before, or are looking for a basic refresher. If you are unsure or have any other level of experience contact for further advice.

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