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Music Camps are staffed by our talented and dedicated team of volunteers, many of whom come back year after year and have made friends for life from giving their time to NYMC. There are many ways you can get involved!

Camp life

Everyone from our tutors, our choreographers, our maintenance team, our caterers to our costume and props are all volunteers who give their time and energy to create the fantastic atmosphere only found at NYMC. Tents are provided if you wish to camp or you can bring your own. All food is provided and there are plenty of opportunities to socialise with other Camps staff in the evenings.

Pitch and strike

Not only are volunteers needed during each camp week but they are also needed in the days before the campers arrive. It is then that the tents are pitched, marquees are set up, catering facilities are set up and all other parts of creating the campsite happen (and of course there is the task of taking it all apart again when the campers leave).


If you would like to contribute to the camp experience in any way – all while enjoying good music, good company and plenty of fresh air - contact The Stables Learning and Participation Department

Still have some questions?

If you have further questions about Music Camps, please email or call 01908 280 821