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Jim Marshall Auditorium

Basic Principles of Music

  • This event has now passed

Whether you are a beginner looking for a way into understanding music, or an intermediate or experienced musician looking for a refresher or to fill gaps in your knowledge, this information packed day aims to de-mystify ‘music theory’. Starting with the most basic terminology and theory, the day covers the nature of sound, how it relates to pitch and the notes we hear, scales, chords, what the ‘key’ of a song means, basic ideas of harmony, an introduction to how music is written and arranged, and what some of the more complicated ideas mean.

This day is about exploring principles and concepts, and is not about teaching you how to read music notation, but is particularly helpful to those taking their first steps in learning to play, whatever the instrument. The day is more of presentation and tutorial than a ‘hands-on’ workshop, but will feature some practical demonstration of the concepts.

Tea & coffee is provided.
Participants on a full day workshop or course should bring a packed lunch and other snacks.

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